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About us

HEbeauty was founded by Hanane Maimouni, founder of HananExcellent. As a make-up artist she is always looking for effective and quality make-up tools that are easy to take with you. Hanane travels a lot for her work – how nice would it be to have a high quality and compact brush set with which you could apply make-up all over the face? Hanane decided to develop her own set and found a partner in Italy that produces high-quality, vegan brushes that are free of animal testing. The result is HEbeauty’s full face brush collection made in italy, a compact brush set consisting of ten brushes that allow you to apply a flawless full face make-up. Glow, baby, glow! 

Hanane: “As a make-up artist in the fashion and bridal styling industry I am always on top of new trends. I study them and then apply them on shoots and during styling sessions. It was always my dream to develop my own brand that would be embraced by all women. I have done extensive research into the best product compositions, so that with HEbeauty I can also raise the quality of my work as a make-up artist to a higher level. But above all, I wish that all women will love HEbeauty as much as I do. I believe in ‘less is more’ and with my own brand I want to emphasize the natural beauty of women. Each woman is beautiful in her own way, let your beauty shine through!”

HEbeauty’s full face brush collection has been developed with the utmost care to create the most beautiful and flawless looks. Looking for inspiration? Follow us on Instagram and let your beauty shine through.


When can I expect my order?

We strive to ship your order within two working days. Haven’t you received anything after two days? Let us know!

How many brushes does the full face brush collection contain?

The full face brush collection contains ten brushes, each with its own application. Curious about the brushes? Check them out in our webshop.

I have sensitive skin, can I use the brushes?

Definitely! Our brushes are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, which means they do not cause any skin reactions and are also suitable for the most sensitive skin types.

How can I pay?

You can pay via iDeal or credit card. Your payment is 100% safe with us.

I would like to become a partner, what are my options?

Thanks for considering HEbeauty! Please send an email to info@hebauty.nl for the possibilities.